In our industry, it’s the amenities that set a pricey boutique hotel apart from an economy motel. While you might not be ready to install a spa in your small property, with PhoneSuite 64 Communication Solution (PBX), your small independent hotel can provide upscale guest satisfaction and improve your image at a budget system price. That’s the PhoneSuite 64 advantage.

Luxury Hotel Features, Small Hotel Price

PhoneSuite knows the demands of today’s independent hotel owners, and that’s why we developed a phone system that meets the needs of smaller properties at an affordable price. Combine that know-how with our proven technology designed by leading engineers and you have a company that will help you save valuable time and resources with an easy-to-use phone system, eliminate hours of training, reduce operating costs, prevent revenue loss by setting guest dialing restrictions and credit limits, and put the focus on customer care – not on administrative tasks.

How It Works

For Your Guests:

  • Works with standard guest room phones.
  • Optional automated attendant allows outside callers to reach guests even when the front desk is closed.
  • Cash (blocked) or credit card (open) long distance control.
  • Set wake-up calls from either guest room or the front desk; guests hear a professional voice greeting.
  • Voice mail automatically turns message waiting light on and off.
  • Emergency 9-1-1 calls are given priority and immediately notify the front desk.
  • Speed-dial compatibility with programmable guest room phone buttons to quickly dial the area businesses of your choice (e.g., “Order Pizza”).

For Your Front-Desk:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive front desk console with one-touch access to the most frequent guest room features — requires minimal staff training.
  • Handle up to four simultaneous calls (four answer/hold positions per console).
  • Easy check in/out automatically sets dialing restrictions, resets voice mail and, deactivates the phone upon check out.
  • Set credit limits, track costs, print phone bills, and store call records to your PMS automatically at check-out with our Call Accounting option.
  • Answer, take messages, and transfer calls with our Auto-Attendant and Voice Mail options — customize voice mail with professional messages.
  • Wake-up call monitoring tracks answered and missed wake-up calls.
  • Conference calling, call forwarding, and paging.
  • Call pickup groups allow staff to answer coworkers’ calls without leaving their desks.
  • Incoming calls on toll-free lines can be blocked from transfer to guest rooms.

For Your Staff:

  • Perform most console functions from a cordless phone, giving freedom to move about the property.
  • Day and night modes with ability to ring after-hours calls to a night station.
  • Answer incoming trunk calls from any administrative extension.
  • Compact main cabinet takes up little space and in most cases will operate with existing wiring.


User-Friendly System — Minimal training and supervision – eliminate hours of tedious training and management.

Reduce Operating Cost and Improved Customer Service — 24/7 unattended call-answering system – never miss a call

Increase Staff Efficiency and Productivity — One-touch key access for guest wake up calls, room status, guest dialing restrictions and much more. Handles four simultaneous calls, sets dialing restrictions, voice mail, and deactivate phone upon check in/out. Performs most console functions from cordless phone.

Prevent Revenue Loss — Set credit limits, track phone costs, print phone bills, and store call records to PMS automatically for printing at checkout with our embedded Call Accounting option.
Upgrades easily with integrated Auto-Attendant, Voice Mail, and Call Accounting applications at time of purchase or when the time is right for you.