Successful hotel owners know how important it is in today’s hospitality market that your hotel phone system has the features you need — at your fingertips — to meet guests’ expectations and franchise requirements. That’s why PhoneSuite has developed PhoneSuite 112e to meet the needs of economy and limited-service franchise hotels by offering the same customer-centric features as the upscale hotels — without the high costs.

Exceeding Expectations

The PhoneSuite 112e solution provides hotels the features needed to help exceed guests’ expectations. With a front desk telephone system that meets all franchise requirements, PhoneSuite 112e supports customer-focused, mid-size hotels, with a feature-rich communication PBX that may be used alone or bundled with our optional Auto-Attendant, Voice Mail, and Call Accounting applications.


For Your Guests:

  • Automatic or manual cash (blocked) or credit card (open) long distance control.
  • Answer detection ensures guests are only billed for completed calls, not busy or no-answer.
  • Optional suite cloning provides two separate guest room lines with one guest phone number.
  • Set wake-up calls from either guest room or the front desk; guests hear a professional voice greeting.
  • Voice mail automatically turns message waiting light on and off.
  • Emergency 9-1-1 calls are given priority and immediately notify the front desk.
  • Direct inward dial option allows outside calls to ringing directly to rooms.
  • Speed-dial compatibility with programmable guest room phone buttons.
  • Optional Auto Attendant allows callers to reach guests even when the front desk is closed.

For Your Front-Desk:

  • Easy-to-use console with one-touch buttons — requires minimal staff training.
  • Handle up to four simultaneous calls (four answer/hold positions per console).
  • Guest name display at front desk console and feature phones.
  • Easy check in/out automatically sets dialing restrictions, resets voice mail, and deactivates the phone upon check out.
  • Seamless interface to PMS for posting phone call charges, room status updates, and guest-in-room name assignment.
  • Enter status codes from guest rooms to notify PMS of room status and availability.
  • Set credit limits, track costs, print and store calls automatically at check-out with our Call Accounting option.
  • Answer, take messages, and transfer calls with our Auto-Attendant and Voice Mail options.
  • Wake-up call monitoring tracks answered and missed wake-up calls.
  • Incoming calls on toll-free lines can be blocked from transfer to guest rooms.


Create Quality Customer Experience — Easy-to-read name display on the front desk console—greet your guest by name and make them feel welcomed.

Integrates Seamlessly with Your Property Management System — Providing automatic guest check-in, checkout, name-in-room display, room status updates, and more. Answer detection ensures that guests are billed only for completed phone calls, extension cloning providing simple, intuitive use of 2 lines per room and wake up calls confirmed by voice message stating wake up time.

Consolidate Costly Analog Phone Lines with Efficient T1 Trunk Interface — T1 and PRI Digital trunk interface with Direct Inward Dialing (DID), Dialed Number Identifications Service (DNIS), and Caller ID (PRI only).

Increase Employee Productivity with Our Time Saving Features — Feature phones with multiple extension “appearances” and buttons for voicemail, hold, intercom, do not disturb, transfer, and redial.

Touchscreen Integration — Optional PhoneSuite Touch Screen Console that simplifies operation and gives your front desk a touch of elegance.

Upgrades easily with integrated Auto-Attendant, Voice Mail, and Call Accounting applications at time of purchase or when the time is right for you.